Recognizing that many of the systems within which our work is nested are built on land from which indigenous people were forcibly and unfairly removed and built with stolen labor/lives of Black, Indigenous, Latinx, Asian and People of Color, we are committed to the work of repair.

We support equity and justice by making rights, resources, and representation accessible and honoring the ongoing labor of Black/Indigenous people of color {BIPOC} as we heal divides and restore balance to all people and the Earth.

In service to our goal of approaching Decolonization from a healing perspective, in all of our courses, we offer Reparation Pricing to self-identified BIPOC individuals.

This is not a scholarship fund, and we do not assume that individual BIPOC applicants do not have access to wealth‚ÄĒthese reparations are offered with an attempt at integrity and a prayer for collective liberation.¬†

If you identify as a BIPOC individual please select the code below that best suits you. These coupons can be used for all courses.

75% off code = levelthefield75

50% off code = levelthefield50 

25% off code = levelthefield25