A Challenge Out is a Good Option for You if:

1. You hold an unexpired certification card.

 2. You are confident that you know the material and can demonstrate the skills.

3. You want your card fast and need flexible scheduling.

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1. Complete written exam.

2. Attend small-group live online Skills Lab.

3. Receive your certification card! 

Challenge Out Course Options

CPR Challenge Out
 Your Home!
Cost: $37


First Aid Challenge Out
Location: Your Home!
Cost: $37


CPR+First Aid Challenge Out
Location: Your Home!
Cost: $70


Frequently Asked Questions

What people are saying:


This is hands down the highest quality CPR course I have taken. The format is convenient and effective.  Nicole's delivery is excellent. She is enthusiastic, professional and responsive. She went the extra mile to accommodate our needs. And I didn't expect it to be so much fun! I highly recommend this course!

- Sabrina V.


Absolutely the BEST CPR course I've ever taken! After 25+ years of being CPR certified, the renewal courses have become pretty boring and ho-hum. Not this renewal course - it was engaging, informative and empowering. I feel more prepared for an emergency than I ever have before. Thank you so much!

- Mary S.


"This was BY FAR one of the best courses I have EVER taken. The amount of practical knowledge and real-life lessons imparted in small chunks over 21 days was amazing. I highly recommend everyone take this course!" 

-Ayaz S.

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