- Laura B. Toronto, CA

We teach humans to skillfully and lovingly
take care of one another. 

Your mission: Learn to prevent and treat injuries commonly seen in Life on Earth so you can be more
Self-Reliant and feel Peace of Mind on this amazing Adventure called Life.

Wild Med: An award-winning leader in
CPR, First Aid, and Wilderness First Aid Education

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My name is Nicole, I am the CEO and Director of Education here at the Institute for Wild Med. 

I am a Wilderness EMT and have degrees Recreation Therapy and Psychology.

What started as a side hustle over 20 years ago has burgeoned into a vibrant community of people committed to learning to take care of their fellow humans with skill and love. We train thousands of students each year in over 30 countries and give back over 10% of our profits to mission-driven organizations. 

WE BELIEVE the most important work of our time is connection to oneself, each other, and nature and so we exist to teach the skills, tools, and techniques necessary to support these conditions of connection in a world where we are constantly called upon to be creative and resilient. 

"Virtual training can be challenging. This course was so dynamic and the way information was presenting was so interesting I felt like I was there in person! I gained so much knowledge and confidence through this course and though I don't want to have to use my new skills, I feel ready to respond if needed. Thank you!!"
-Kati Palm
"This was the most engaging first aid class I've ever taken. It was also the most beneficial. Nicole did an excellent job of making the class hands on and allowing us to use critical thinking and problem solving, something missing from most first aid classes. She also treated every student in the class with the respect and truly set up an atmosphere where we were free to ask questions without judgement."
-Angelina Chavez
This class will benefit everyone! With a nursing background I was skeptical how much I would learn in this class. I was blown away with videos, they kept my attention, taught me new things, the instructor Nicole does a fabulous job teaching others to critically think in unfavorable circumstances, and her real life experiences are great to hear.
-Brook Bruggeman

BEST course EVER TAKEN!! And that is a lot of courses being an OT for over 25 years! Fun, informative, easily digestible. Good balance between course work and interactive learning! Absolutely the BEST!

-Sherry Kenin, Nature-based OT, Timbernook Provider

Our Courses

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