Our Mission and Values

Institute for Wild Med Mission Statement


Our mission is to make life better by teaching people to take care of themselves and each other so they may thrive in a world where we are increasingly called upon to be creative and resilient.

We believe the most important work of our time is to authentically connect to oneself, each other, and nature. Learning to skillfully care for one another is the first step to strengthening these connections.

We deliver our comprehensive curriculum using cutting-edge, multimodal, experiential methods for maximum accessibility and retention as well as warmth and humanity, which is too often left out of emergency response education. This model equips our students with clinically proven yet practical tools, as well as a critical-thinking mindset so they can face the unexpected with skill and confidence.


Our Team's Core Values


Be Excellent

We strive to be exceptional educators who are constantly growing and developing new ways to engage and challenge our students and adapt to their needs. We strive to be our best selves in all interactions, and we look for the best in each other.


Be Clear

Through clear, transparent, and courageous communication we build trust within and outside Wild Med. Clarity is crucial to effective communication in a chaotic world.


Be Curious

It's all a mystery. We share what we believe to be true based on clinical research and our experience. If we don't know something, we say so. If we are taking a guess, we own that. We do this with deep ease and okayness. With a mindset of curiosity, we practice holding space for multiple possibilities, listen actively, and consider multiple perspectives before making decisions.

Be Kind

This is a beautiful world and also a tough world. People bring their joys, their traumas, and their pain into our courses. We receive them with love and empathy and validation. Every human interaction provides an opportunity to connect, understand one another, and choose kindness. When we do so, we co-create the compassionate world we want to live in.


Have Fun

When our students trust us and know we care deeply, we get to bring humor to our work that serves as a pattern interrupt and tool for lasting learning. While it might be irreverent it is never crude or offensive.


Diversity, Equity, and Inclusivity


Wild Med celebrates the diversity of our students, of the people they take care of, and of our team.

Being prepared for the unexpected is for everyone no matter where you come from, what you look like, or how you identify.

 We strive to develop an inclusive culture and curriculum in which our students see themselves and the diversity of their community members reflected.

 It’s our mission to fill this world with people who are equipped to prevent and respond to emergencies. So bring us your experience, your perspectives, and your uniqueness.

It’s in our differences that we will find the power to keep revolutionizing the way the world takes care of each other.