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Explore the outdoors with true peace of mind.

Whether you are an aspiring wilderness first responder, an avid explorer, or a family who loves to spend time outdoors, WildMed is here to empower you to explore with confidence!

"Hands-down, the best CPR class I have ever taken."

– Rebecca B., Homebirth midwife

"Extremely knowledgeable along with being able to keep a varied audience engaged...I would highly recommend you to my colleagues."

– Karen Z., Assisted living facility Executive Director

"I really loved your CPR class. I was overwhelmed just thinking about the amount of time you must have put into such a well thought out class."

– Anna M., Homebirth Midwife student

"You are an amazing teacher! You packed so much in, and I felt totally engaged the whole time!"

– Beth F., Camp Director

 "You are a wonderful teacher — it was so informative and you're so personable!"

– Mari S., Parent


Tick Defense Gear

Stressed about ticks? Avoiding the outdoors?

Proactively reduce your risk of tick-borne illnesses with professional tools, powerful natural remedies and expert resources.

Tick Kits

Tick Bite Treatment

Tick Repellents