Most people don't know.. 

Most people don't know how to relieve choking, control a major bleed, or use critical life-saving tools such as an Epipen, AED, or Tourniquet. And so, they limit their experiences, travel, and adventure or worse yet, when they encounter emergencies they feel frozen and unprepared.

Your mission should you choose to accept it is to learn these and many other life-saving skills so you can reduce anxiety, be more self-reliant, and adventure with abandon. 

After this course, you will have the skills to prevent emergencies, and effectively respond to those that can not be prevented. Imagine setting off on adventures feeling relaxed, self-reliant, and ready for anything! 

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Engage with our self-directed, on-demand online coursework.  


Attend a Live, Online Skills Lab to practice your skills and crystallize your learning. 


Our signature system of engaging online coursework and live online Skills Labs earns you a nationally recognized certification. 

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Course: CPR
Location: Anywhere!
Cost: $47


Course: First Aid 
Location: Anywhere!
Cost: $57


Course: CPR + First Aid
Location: Anywhere!
Cost: $97


Course: Wilderness First Aid Essentials + CPR
Location: Anywhere!
Cost: $187


Course: Wilderness First Aid Essentials NO CPR 
Location: Anywhere!
Cost: $147


Is your certification still current but will expire soon?

Maybe you just need a Challenge Out...

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Do you need to recertify your CPR, First Aid, or WFA credential?
Want to learn how to take care of your fellow humans and even save lives?

Your mission should you choose to accept it is to learn or recertify CPR, First Aid, or Wilderness First Aid from the convenience and comfort of your own home in a way that is fun, engaging, relevant, and memorable so that you can effectively respond to emergencies and possibly even save lives.

Our collection of online courses is going to take you from Mission to Mission Accomplished using The Wild Med Signature System which is the most effective, memorable, and painless method available to learn CPR and First Aid. To quote so many of our students, "This is not your typical CPR Course."

Upon registration, you will receive on-demand access to the core modules which can be finished all at once or done on your own time. We can dispatch the gear you need to practice and demonstrate your skills. When you are done with your training modules, you’ll join a live Skills Lab with your coach, put the learning into action, and ask any questions you have so you can get your certification and learn to save lives all from home in the engaging and practical style you have come to know and love

Our live online Skills Lab ensures that you receive the same exact certification card as if you took the course in-person.

Meet your Instructor >

Nicole Thurrell, CEO Institute for Wild Med, has degrees in Psychology and Recreation Therapy from the University of North Carolina. She has been an EMT since 2001. She worked in many aspects of wilderness therapy for nearly a decade - expedition leader, health director, director of admissions. In addition to the roles listed above, she has been an adventure racer, a raft guide, high ropes facilitator, a clinician for kids with Autism, a Waldorf high school teacher, and a mom. She is a passionate educator who loves turning people on to strategies for being more confident and comfortable in nature. She lives in a solar village in Greenfield, MA.
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What people are saying:


This is hands down the highest quality CPR course I have taken. The format is convenient and effective.  Nicole's delivery is excellent. She is enthusiastic, professional and responsive. She went the extra mile to accommodate our needs. And I didn't expect it to be so much fun! I highly recommend this course!

- Sabrina V.


Absolutely the BEST CPR course I've ever taken! After 25+ years of being CPR certified, the renewal courses have become pretty boring and ho-hum. Not this renewal course - it was engaging, informative and empowering. I feel more prepared for an emergency than I ever have before. Thank you so much!

- Mary S.


"This was BY FAR one of the best courses I have EVER taken. The amount of practical knowledge and real-life lessons imparted in small chunks over 21 days was amazing. I highly recommend everyone take this course!" 

-Ayaz S.

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