Wilderness First Aid Essentials

A Highly Engaging Online Emergency Response Course for:

Woodsy Wanderers
Weekend Warriors

Wilderness Leaders 

Your mission: Learn to skillfully prevent and treat a wide range of medical emergencies you're most likely to encounter in nature so you can feel Peace of Mind as you set off on adventures.

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Most people don't know.. 

Most people don't know how to relieve choking, control a major bleed, or use critical life-saving tools such as an Epipen, AED, or Tourniquet. And so, they limit their experiences, travel, and adventure or worse yet, when they encounter emergencies they feel frozen and unprepared.

Your mission is to learn these and many other life-saving skills so you can Reduce anxiety, Be more self-reliant, and Adventure with abandon. 

After 10 highly immersive hours, you will have the skills to prevent emergencies and effectively respond to those that can not be prevented. Imagine setting off on adventures feeling relaxed, self-reliant, and ready for anything!

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Online Coursework

You will have access to your on-demand, online coursework immediately after registering. You can look forward to engaging, dynamic videos, actions, and quizzes.

You will continue to have access to the course content for 1 year.

Online coursework is a 7-hour commitment.  

Live Online Skills Lab

After completing your online coursework, join us for a Live Online Skills Lab to crystallize your learning and get your questions answered.

See below for specific times. You'll be prompted to let us know if you'd like us to send you a Manikin and First Aid Gear for your Lab.

Get Certified

When you coursework is complete and you have attended your Skills Lab, you will receive your nationally recognized certification.

If you need a particular certification for your work, please email us and we can be sure to provide you with the needed credential.


Who is this course for?

As we like to say, this course is for Woodsy Wanderers, Weekend Warriors, and Wilderness Leaders alike. Essentially, this is a course for people who spend time in the outdoors and want to feel the Peace of Mind that comes from being prepared and knowing more advanced techniques for preventing and responding to emergencies.

What will I learn?

Patient Assessment System:
Gathering Patient History
Conducting a Patient Exam
Monitoring Vital Signs
CPR for Adults, Children, and Infants
Choking Relief
Automated External Defibrillator
Soft Tissue Injuries including Bleeding Control
Musculoskeletal Injuries: Sprains, Strains, Fractures, Dislocations
Heat Exhaustion/Heat Stroke
Spinal Cord Injury Management
Bites and Stings

How long is it?

10 hours total:
7.5 hours Online Coursework
2-hour WFA Skills Lab
30 minute CPR Skills Lab

Tell me about the format.

Our signature system includes engaging and painless self-paced Online Coursework combined with 2 live online Skills Labs.

You will have access to your Online Coursework as soon as you register.

Online Skills Labs are held 4x/month at various time to accommodate different timezones.

Will I get certified?

Yes! You will earn both a CPR and Wilderness First Aid certification. 

How long does the certification last?

2 years

What is the cost?

WFA + CPR, $197

WFA without CPR, $157


CEO, Director of Education

Recipient of the Massachusetts Award for Excellence in Science Education, Nicole is a passionate educator who loves turning people on to strategies for caring more skillfully for their fellow human beings.

She has degrees in Psychology and Recreation Therapy from the University of North Carolina and has been a Wilderness EMT since 2001.

She worked in many aspects of wilderness therapy for nearly a decade - expedition leader, health director, director of admissions.

She has also been an adventure racer, a raft guide, high ropes facilitator, a clinician for kids with Autism, a Waldorf high school teacher, and a mom.

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This is hands down the highest quality CPR course I have taken. The format is convenient and effective.  Nicole's delivery is excellent. She is enthusiastic, professional and responsive. She went the extra mile to accommodate our needs. And I didn't expect it to be so much fun! I highly recommend this course!

- Sabrina V.


Absolutely the BEST CPR course I've ever taken! After 25+ years of being CPR certified, the renewal courses have become pretty boring and ho-hum. Not this renewal course - it was engaging, informative and empowering. I feel more prepared for an emergency than I ever have before. Thank you so much!

- Mary S.


I have taken 1st Aid and CPR courses with Nicole in person and online. Both are phenomenal. She is an excellent teacher, and has created an extremely well-organized, informative, and memorable course. I feel prepared!

- Ethan M.


 Let's Do This! 

Adventure with Abandon 

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