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Going outdoors is very important.

Research tells us that those who make good choices for nature also feel connected to nature. The best way to become connected to nature is to spend time in nature.

Our classes and products are designed to do just that – support humans in developing the skills and systems necessary to be able to spend time in nature and feel good (not anxious) about it. We acquaint our students with and prepare them for the risks inherent in spending time outdoors.


Nicole Roma Thurrell, CTRS, WEMT

Nicole has degrees in Psychology and Recreation Therapy from the University of North Carolina. She did her Wilderness Emergency Medical Technician training with SOLO. She worked at SUWS of the Carolinas as a wilderness field instructor in Old Fort, NC. She also worked at the Nantahala Outdoor Center in Bryson City, NC as a high and low ropes course facilitator and raft guide. She was the Health Director of Adirondack Leadership Expeditions. She has been an adventure racer, an ambulance worker, a clinician for kids with Autism, an admissions director, a wilderness guide, a kindergarten teacher, and a mom. She lives in a solar village in Greenfield, MA.


Amanda Weisenthal, AFAA, ACE

Amanda graduated from the N.Y.U. Film School in the late 80’s and worked for Paramount Pictures and other production studios until she had her two children Samantha and Max. For the last 16 years Amanda has been a sought after personal trainer with additional credentials in yoga instruction, spinning, and running coaching. She has trained over 300 people for full and half marathons and has created fitness programs for personal training facilities in NYC as well as all over the country. She moved to Northampton, MA eight years ago where she became interested in pursuing a career as an EMT with a specialized interest in mass casualty incidents. She recently graduated from the Greenfield Community College Emergency Medical Technician Program. When the opportunity to to teach for the Institute for Wilderness and Emergency Medicine was presented to her, she jumped at the chance. She hopes to make learning CPR and First Aid an interesting and fun experience for all.


Nancy Robbins Thorne-Thompsen, M.S.

Nancy Robbins Thorne-Thomsen has a degree in Biology from the University of Rochester and a Master of Science from Virginia Tech. She has worked as a microbiologist both near and far (all over the east coast, in the Republic of Panama, and in her living room). Nancy has an in-depth knowledge of tick-borne illness, and has consulted with Doctors, Herbalists, Homeopaths, and Naturopaths. She also loves to look at (dead!) ticks under her microscope.

"Hands-down, the best CPR class I have ever taken."

– Rebecca B., Homebirth midwife

"Extremely knowledgeable along with being able to keep a varied audience engaged...I would highly recommend you to my colleagues."

– Karen Z., Assisted living facility Executive Director

"I really loved your CPR class. I was overwhelmed just thinking about the amount of time you must have put into such a well thought out class."

– Anna M., Homebirth Midwife student

"You are an amazing teacher! You packed so much in, and I felt totally engaged the whole time!"

– Beth F., Camp Director

 "You are a wonderful teacher — it was so informative and you're so personable!"

– Mari S., Parent